Femme Ain't Frail Sling Bag

€18.00 €13.50

If you purchase either the sling or tote bag you can get the coordinating patch or pin for free!  Simply add your chosen products to the shopping cart (including the item you want for free) and use code FEMME at checkout.


I know how environmentally and socially damaging the fashion industry is and have consequently chosen to have my designs printed using non-toxic water based inks on 100% fair trade and organic Salvage® totes. Further, these totes are made using 100% recycled (post-consumer waste) material to meet the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards. They're also of exceptional quality!

The sling bags are available in two colours: melange heather and melange black, and it has a snap fastener at the opening to keep the bag closed. 

What is "melange"? The word is French and literally means mixture. It is used in manufacturing to describe fabrics that come from more than one yarn, typically those of varying colours; and because these bags are made from post-consumer material quite naturally a mixture of sources make up the fabric as you see it. This is why the heather and black aren't solid colours.


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