Nostalgia Racer Back Vest - ONLY 1 LEFT

€26.00 €16.00

Knowing how environmentally and socially damaging the fashion industry is it's of fundamental importance that these designs are printed ONLY using non-toxic water based ink on 100% fairly traded and organic vests*. The vests are made by EarthPositive as they demonstrate the highest possible environmental social and ethical standards.  

* To maintain their quality and the motif, please follow the care instructions included.

These racer back vests are unfortunately only available in sizes S through L.  Every effort is being made to find something that is more inclusive of those who fall outside these sizes. As always, to be absolutely certain of selecting the correct size please consult the measurements shown in the relevant image.


Apparel (incl. totes) ship for a flat rate of 2,40€ within Germany and 4,60€ elsewhere without tracking. If you want tracking you must select the respective option at checkout.

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