Hi *waves awkwardly* I'm Caro, the person behind Pretty In Punk. 

I'm a messy combination of high femme and crust punk.  I love confetti and glitter, dive bars and heavy riffs, pretty dresses and punk embellishments.  I live in meticulously organised chaos and can almost always be found in the midst of a personal or political monologue, but on the odd occasion I'm not I'm most likely drinking coffee or cuddling a cat. 

Pretty In Punk* started in 2016 as a super secret side hustle to a hardcore vegan bakery and radical social project I ran, full time and alone.  The premise was simple: I wanted a small creative project that would take me out of the kitchen from time to time; but by some stroke of luck my designs resonated with enough people that it soon became my full time job. 

To this day I continue to transform my ideas into a digital design and finally a tangible item, each of which represents a little piece of me and the collective sum of which goes some way to making me whole.  In addition to making punk paraphernalia and witchy wares I've reconnected with my inner zinester and now spend a significant portion of my time sharing my aforementioned personal or political thoughts in printed form.

I hope you like what you see!   Either way if you have any comments, questions or anything else you'd like to share please feel more than welcome to reach out! 


xo Caro

Please note that I use gender-neutral pronouns: they/them/theirs.

You can contact me via email (hallo@prettyinpunk.de) or social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

* It was initially named Curly Sue. If you're curious as to why I changed the name you can find out here.