Art Theft & Copyright Infringement

If you are aware of a seller - either online through their own website or on Etsy, RedBubble, Society6 etc or in person via a bricks and mortar store, at markets etc - that is selling my All Black Everything patch please alert me and I will list them here as someone engaging in art theft and copyright infringement.  I take this matter extremely seriously as art theft amongst the patch and pin community is rampant and it threatens people's businesses and livelihood.

I have included links for two reasons: 

1. It enables other patch and pin designs to see if these sellers have stolen any of their designs too.

2. So you know that these sellers are not credible, having either done zero due diligence before investing in stolen art OR having done so and proceeded regardless.

Below is the list of sellers currently engaging in this practice:

BlueMoonUKCraft [Etsy]

PatchMonkeysDE [Etsy]

ALilleButik [Etsy]

TrippyKittyStore [Etsy]

SixHeartStyle [Etsy]

KinderSticker [Etsy]

AllGoodVibesStore [Etsy]