What Precautions Are Being Taken While Packing Orders?

While it's not certain how long the virus can survive on surfaces - depending on a number of factors, including the type of surface, temperature, relative humidity and specific strain it could be anywhere between 2 hours and 9 days - I believe in taking clear preventative measures, airing on the side of caution wherever possible.

For this reason, each item is carefully packaged in a sanitised environment while wearing gloves and a face mask.  That way, even if I have inadvertently come into contact with the virus and am presenting as asymptomatic, I don't risk passing it on to others. 

How Quickly Are Orders Processed?

In establishing a strict santised shipping protocol, I will only be processing orders once a week for the foreseeable future.  Which day this is exactly is subject to change but will always be displayed on the homepage. 

If you don't receive a shipping confirmation for a couple of days please don't fret - your order will always be sent as soon as possible and if there is an unexpected delay I'll be sure to inform you. 

Of course, if you purchased something that was a pre-order it will not ship until the date specified in the listing. Further, if you purchased several items along with a pre-order item they will all ship together - orders can not be split and sent separately.  If you want something that is currently in stock sooner please place separate orders.

Note that as per my normal terms and conditions, all sales are final - I don't accept cancellations, returns or exchanges. 

How Quickly Can I Expect My Order to Arrive?

Delivery within Germany should take no more than two working days and within Europe no more than 10 - at present Deutsche Post has listed all European mail carriers as operating normally - but the current time taken for mail to arrive at destinations outside of Europe is wildly unpredictable.

There remain stringent mail regulations in a lot of countries, so whereas it previously took 10-20 working days for mail to arrive in the USA, Canada and South Pacific (for example), it could take significantly longer.  I strongly advise you to consult the most up-to-date information provided by your respective mail carrier as to how they are handling mail at this time.  If you're unsure who to contact, here is a list of all national mail carriers and their respective websites.

Note: Deutsche Post provides a breakdown in English on this page as to what I can expect when shipping mail. Given that the information changes on such a regular basis, making it almost impossible for me to continually adjust customer expectations, it's advisable to consult this page in addition to that of your respective mail carrier.

What Should I do If My Order Doesn't Arrive?

Please note that I am not responsible for any mail that has been delayed or damaged at the hands of any postal service. Once an item is shipped it is literally and figuratively out of my hands.  Further, as a small business owner I do not have the financial means to replace or refund such orders.  If you want the peace of mind that comes with tracking, you must select it at checkout. This is a premium service offered by Deutsche Post, the cost of which (a flat rate for all international mail) is passed on without inflation to the customer.

If you did select tracking at checkout you can access up-to-date information by following the link provided in your shipping confirmation email to your 'Order Summary' page.  Along with details of what you ordered and the address to which your order was shipped, there will be a live tracking link. 

Isn't It Risky To Opt For Tracking?

Due to the health risks associated I believe that most mail carriers will not require a signature on delivery if sent with tracking, nor will they expect to place the item directly into your hands.  It is at the discretion of your mail carrier as to whether or not they abide by this, however, but establishing a personal protocol for dealing with postal workers can help reduce the risk.  For example, leaving a basket or box close to your front door which you ask workers to place mail into will help avoid direct contact*.  Opening the outside package with gloves will further reduce the risk of cross contamination.

* This is for the occasions that someone must (for the purpose of logging a successful delivery) place an item in your home rather than your external mailbox.

If you have any other questions that haven't been addressed in either the above or the broader Frequently Asked Questions section of the website, please email me at