Delivery Times and Customs

My Order Was Marked As Shipped But Still Hasn't Arrived

Delivery within Germany generally takes 1-2 working days but international delivery can vary significantly from country to country.  The following can be taken as a general guide:

- within the EU: 5-10 working days;
- to the USA, Canada and South Pacific: 10-20 working days
- to Central and Southern America, Asia, and all other countries: as long as 45-60 working days.

These estimated delivery times are just that - estimates - and do not take into consideration busy postal periods (in the lead up to and after holidays) or delays at customs.  Ultimately I have no control over the speed at which something is delivered - that is the responsibility of the mail carriers alone.  Remember that working days do not include weekends or holidays, and national holidays do not always coincide with each other internationally.

If you selected tracking at checkout you will receive a 13 character tracking number in your shipping confirmation email, ending with 'DE'.  You can access up-to-date information by following the link provided in either your order confirmation or shipping confirmation email to your Order Summary page.  Along with details of what you ordered and the address to which your order was shipped, there will be a live tracking link.

For more information on tracking see this page.

Typically if an order is not delivered due to an error in the address or some other mail mishap the package will be returned to me.  Every order sent out has a return of address label on it and I do, from time to time, receive returned packages.  If this happens I will contact you immediately.

I Have Been Asked to Pay Customs or Import Taxes

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.  For more detailed information on when to expect customs or import taxes please consult your local customs office.

My experience to date has been that if you're required to pay customs or import taxes you'll receive a letter in the mail requesting you to pick the item up from the local customs office.  This letter might give you an idea as to the cost involved but this is not always the case.  The letter should, however, give you a set time period within which to pay the taxes and collect the package.  If you don't do this within the designated time period the item(s) will be discarded.  The customs officers aren't obliged to do anything further if an item is unclaimed, and certainly won't return it to me.