How To Create a Water Talisman

The four elements are usually invoked during a ritual in order to balance energy within the physical space or practitioner, but each can also be invoked independently to lend energy to intentions within its sphere of influence.  

Harnessing the power of water can help in the following ways (note that this list is not exhaustive):

1. Physical: water relates to the hormonal (endocrine) system which includes all of the glands of the body and the hormones produced by those glands.  This system helps your body properly function by communicating and coordinating vital processes via these hormones.  The glands include (but aren't limited to) the pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid gland, and adrenal glands.  Water also relates to the blood, kidneys and sense of taste.  One example in which water could be utilised is to encourage growth, a faster metabolism or an increase in sexual function.  Think of the fluidity of water as facilitating unimpeded flow

If experiencing any (recurring) problems relating to any of the above please see a medical professional - the below ritual is no substitute for this. 

2. Emotional and mental: water is emotional, and relates not only to our conscious feelings but also subconscious intuition.  Much like the oceans and tides, our emotions can be deep or shallow, rising and falling, and can flood if out of control.  However, water also facilitates that which is artistic, creative, compassionate, imaginative and nurturing.  If you need help tapping into deep feelings of empathy or psychic abilities, water can help. 

3. External: water is love in its purest sense and relates to union - be it platonic, romantic or sexual.  It is also connected to dreaming and sleep, as well as peace.  If you want an abundance of love in your life, peace, or to sleep well at night, water is the element for you.

Note that there is a fourth possible area which is far too extensive to summarise in one blog post, and this pertains to enhancing the strengths you already possess (if your sun, moon or rising sign is Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces).  Of course if not a water sign you can also empower yourself with these strengths, or those associated with the Moon (as well as aspects of Venus).  In time I will cover the ins and outs of this in a zine, but for now there is significant enough overlap with this blog post to get things started.

Water is most closely associated with the waning crescent and new moon phases, with the height of its power coinciding with the new moon.  The best time of day to work with earth is dusk, and the best day is Monday.

Ritual Tools

If possible gather the following:

- palo santo or sage *

- blue, indigo, purple or black candles (silver or white can be substituted) *

- a chalice or cup filled with water *

- water element pin *

- supporting tarot cards: The Moon (and possibly The Hanged Man or The Lovers), as well as the suit of Cups, especially the Ace or Queen 

- supporting herbs, e.g. apple blossom, catnip, chamomile, gardenia, lemon balm, lilac, orris root, thyme (rosemary or sage can be substituted)

- supporting stones, e.g. amethyst, aquamarine, chalcedony, lapis lazulli, moonstone, rose quartz, sodalite (clear quartz can be substituted)

- any other items that correspond to water for you, e.g. annointing oils, altar decor etc. 

* These items are necessary as an absolute minimum

Begin by gathering everything you will need for the ritual, laying it out in front of you.

Cleanse yourself and the space within which you will cast the spell, preferably with palo santo or sage, and crack a window open to allow the stagnant air to be released.  Cleanse all of the ritual tools one by one as you set up your altar to focus your dedication to the water element.  Pay particular attention to the pin - it must be charged to fill it with energy and power, and to be most effective in charging it with your particular intention it must be "clean" without any residual energies.  Ground yourself with a few deep breaths to release any physical tension, shaking out any remaining frustration or stress.  Visualise any distracting or negative energies dispersing.

Cast your circle to protect you from negative energies or psychic attacks.

Engrave your candle(s) with the water symbol.  If you are using supporting herbs or oils, this would be a good time to anoint the candle(s) with them. 

Light your candle(s), look into the flame and start to channel that energy.  Dip the pin in the bowl, stating something like "within this bowl upon my altar, I consecrate this talisman with the element water".  [I recommend drying it immediately so as not to cause discolouration or rust.]

Whilst meditating on either the flame of the candle(s) or the bowl of water, bring to mind your intention.  If you want to, create a mini whirlpool in the bowl and focus on that. Holding the pin, consider each aspect of the intention, as well as each individual step required to get there.  Dwell on colours, noises, smells, tastes, or anything else related to it.  The intention doesn't have to consist of only images or words, it can be multi-sensory, as long as it all remains positive.  Once full of anticipation and excitement, having visualised your intention reaching completion, feel the energy that has been generated flow into the pin.  You can cast off with a simple incantation like "I charge this pin with water's fluidity, to achieve my goal so mote it be". 

Ground yourself by visualising any excess energy flowing into the earth.  Clean up. Dismantle the altar if you wish.  Undraw your circle and then do something mundane, like drinking a hot chocolate.

Wear the talisman and be mindful to create, and keep open, channels that enable energy to flow freely between you and your intention.  When you need to tap into that energy, touch the talisman.  Repeat your incantation if you wish (out loud or in your mind) to reassert your intention.  Do this as often as you see fit - the intention is yours, and yours only, so make sure you follow your instinct.  

I would suggest repeating the ritual for as long as you need the talisman, preferably when the moon is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.