How To Create an Earth Talisman

The four elements are usually invoked during a ritual in order to balance energy within the physical space or practitioner, but each can also be invoked independently to lend energy to intentions within its sphere of influence.  

Harnessing the power of earth can help in the following ways (note that this list is not exhaustive):

1. Physical: earth is the physical body, the very structure within which we exist - our bones, teeth, skin, hair and nails - and if harnessed can help improve our physical capabilities and self-sustenance.  It is related to birth, more specifically in terms of rebirth and physical renewal.  It is also connected to the intestines, encouraging release.  One example in which earth could be utilised is to promote physical endurance and strength, to get through long working days (perhaps) spent entirely stood up, or in dealing with stress that would otherwise drain and deplete. 

If experiencing any (recurring) problems with your physical body please see a medical professional - the below ritual is no substitute for this. 

2. Emotional and mental: earth is perfect for helping us embrace peace and quiet, for becoming steadfast - slow to change and deeply rooted.  It helps improve our mental endurance and persistence.  With earth, thoughts and ideas take precedence over feelings and emotions, increasing our dependability and patience.  It maintains our focus and facilitates hard work.  If you need help making practical, realistic decisions, earth could help. It could also help in offering very raw and real "down to earth" support. 

3. External: earth is all about the material aspects of life, including business, property, trade and any form of work, as well as money and material possessions.  In that sense, it's perfect for helping to manifest abundance, employment opportunities, material gain and prosperity.  If you need a more stable and solid foundation upon which to build your life, earth can help.

Earth is most closely associated with the waning gibbous and last quarter moon phases, with the height of its power coinciding with the last quarter.  The best time of day to work with earth is midnight, and the best day is Saturday.

Ritual Tools

If possible, gather the following:

- palo santo or sage *

- green, brown or black candles (white can be substituted) *

- bowl filled with either salt, sand or soil **

- non-toxic pen or pencil and biodegradable, environmentally-friendly paper ***

- earth element pin *

- supporting tarot cards: The World, and perhaps Death, The Empress or The Hermit. The entire suit of Pentacles is associated with earth, as are the Queens, so the Queen of Pentacles is perfect.

- supporting herbs, e.g. bistort, ferns, honeysuckle, horehound, patchouli 

- supporting stones, e.g. granite, jade, jasper (not red), jet, malachite, onyx (not black), quartz, tourmaline (clear quartz can be substituted)

- any other items that correspond to earth for you, e.g. annointing oils, altar decor etc. 

* These items are necessary as an absolute minimum
** Part of the ritual will involve burying for which you will require some earth (soil) or something that closely resembles and represents it (salt or sand).  Be mindful of where you collect the soil from.
*** Once the ritual is complete there is the option to re-bury the ritual remnants in the outside world, so please ONLY use environmentally friendly ink or charcoal, as well as paper.  If you can't guarantee that it is environmentally friendly do not bury it outside.  The same is true for the salt - if you intend to bury it outside please use that which is natural and non-iodised.  Please do not contribute to the polluting of our environment.  

Begin by gathering everything you will need for the ritual, laying it out in front of you.

Cleanse yourself and the space within which you will cast the spell, preferably with palo santo or sage, and crack a window open to allow the stagnant air to be released.  Cleanse all of the ritual tools one by one as you set up your altar to focus your dedication to the earth element.  Pay particular attention to the pin - it must be charged to fill it with energy and power, and to be most effective in charging it with your particular intention it must be "clean" without any residual energies.  Ground yourself with a few deep breaths to release any physical tension, shaking out any remaining frustration or stress.  Visualise any distracting or negative energies dispersing.

Cast your circle to protect you from negative energies or psychic attacks.

Engrave your candle(s) with the earth symbol.

Light your candle(s), looking into the flame and start to channel that energy.  Bury the pin in the bowl of salt/sand/soil to consecrate it, perhaps whilst saying "from this moment and henceforth, this talisman is consecrated with the element earth".

Whilst meditating on either the flame of the candle(s) or the bowl of earth, bring to mind your intention.  When the feeling of resolve and strength reaches your heart, write down absolutely everything that comes to mind regarding the intention.  It doesn't have to be full sentences, any one language, or even words!  In fact, none of it need make any sense to anyone but you.  If you feel it, and it's positive, write it down.  Once you have completed this, bury the piece of paper in the bowl.  Look into the flame and hold the bowl, feeling the energy that has been generated flow into it.  You can cast off with a simple incantation, like "I charge this talisman with earth's stability, to achieve my goal so mote it be". 

Ground yourself by visualising any excess energy flowing into the earth.  Clean up. Dismantle the altar if you wish.  Undraw your circle and then do something mundane, like drinking a hot chocolate.

Wear the talisman and be mindful to create, and keep open, channels that enable energy to flow freely between you and your intention.  When you need to tap into that energy, touch the talisman.  Repeat your incantation if you wish (out loud or in your mind) to reassert your intention.  Do this as often as you see fit - the intention is yours, and yours only, so make sure you follow your instinct.  

Note that there is the option to bury the ritual remnants, either outside your home or in a place relevant to your intention, e.g. outside a place of employment, home you wish to rent etc.  Please only do this if you're certain it is permitted, and if in by doing so you are not introducing any toxins to the earth.