There is an update on my Patreon here (internal link) and here (external, Patreon link).

Initially I wrote an in-depth introduction that offered both an overview of my life and explained why I want to use Patreon but if I'm honest even I would have been overwhelmed with the Great Wall of Text™.  So I'm keeping it simple for now and will share more of the "hows" and "whys" in posts for patrons.

I suspect you're curious to know what specifically you can expect from becoming a patron - perhaps you're already an email subscriber or social media follower and want to know how the content differs here - and if you're used to receiving all of my content for free (with the obvious exception of physical products) you're most definitely wondering what's the upside to paying for it. 

Becoming a patron means becoming a member of a community.

This community acts as a hub for all content.  There is no algorithm determining if you want to see something or not.  There is no restriction on the type of media shared.  If something is posted or shared anywhere else it will be available here, and almost certainly first, but beyond that this community presents an opportunity to expand the offering - after all, no one is interested in the same content being rehashed countless times.  The expansion includes that to which patrons are given exclusive access, as well as that which patrons request.

This community has exclusive access.  Think downloadable digital items such as phone backgrounds, info-graphics and zines in PDF format; early access to new releases along with exclusive coupons for the store; the sharing of work in progress, as well as personal recipes and spells; and behind the scenes access to (among other things) the design process, how to manage self employment while chronically ill, how to balance anti-capitalist views with running a creative enterprise, and perhaps most importantly how to do all of the above with three cats who want to disrupt  e v e r y t h i n g*.  Ultimately this community has priority, but not only when receiving content.

This community can influence and inform content.  There is no point asking people to pay for something they don't want, let alone need, and equally there is no point in creating content and releasing products that don't benefit or interest anyone.  So what if you could choose the next patch or pin release, or request a particular discussion topic?  This community offers a direct feedback loop: patrons can ask questions about anything, are regularly polled to determine what content is created, and are encouraged to provide feedback on any- and everything else.

This community is accessible for $1 a month.  Everyone's financial position is different and someone's disposable income (or lack thereof) shouldn't prohibit access.  For that reason the first 'communi-tier' offers everyone, regardless of financial privilege, access to the same digital content**. 

To join simply select your chosen tier and sign up!  On the 1st of each month the corresponding amount will be debited from your account (Patreon gives a five-day window to make sure all charges are complete) and from the 5th onward all content unique to that month will be available. e.g. If you pledge $2 on March 20th your payment will be processed on April 1st.  After April 5th you gain access to April's content, but prior to that (from March 20th) you have access to everything else, e.g. all patron-only posts to date. 

See you on the other side!

Love and rage,
xo Caro   

* Disclaimer: I have no solid advice to share on this as it's something I have not yet mastered!

** Note that for tiers containing physical goods the minimum pledge ensures money is not lost - something that would defeat, at least in part, the point of this Patreon.