Patreon Update

More information on my Patreon page can be found here (internal link) and here (external, Patreon link).

I want to clarify something that has caused some confusion, for which I apologise because I realise now that I didn't explain everything very well at the outset.

I think a lot of people understand that in the absence of my shop I am without the income on which I'd become reliant over the past 3 years, and that my Patreon page is about creating a community of people who believe in what I do and want me to continue doing it. Correspondingly, the content (both digital and physical) received by all Patrons is supposed to be something of a perk, a thank you for support rather than a direct exchange of money for goods.

I had to think way outside the box when concocting these perks due to the shift in my own personal situation (thanks Brexit). I knew that without the production of patches and pins etc I had to create using a different medium. Initially I anticipated writing one full size zine each quarter, as well as sharing new designs with Patrons in the form of phone wallpapers (for example). For some as yet unknown reason I sailed past that goal and furiously wrote at least one zine a month for the last 5 months, printed stickers, made an array of 1 page zines, and so on. In fact, I have already completely surpassed my own expectations of what I can achieve through Patreon - even though financially I am WAY off what I need as a minimum to actually survive on a monthly basis - and I suspect I have exceeded the expectations of my Original Patrons to boot. 

So here is where the further clarification is required: Patrons obtain all of the content that they directly, financially support the creation of.  

Those who pledged support at the beginning will have received all content from April through to the current day. Individuals who pledged in subsequent months will receive the content for each month a payment was made, i.e. pledging to support from June onwards will provide access to June and July's content, in addition to all future content for as long as support is maintained. 

By 'content' I mean all digital downloads and, for Post and Hardcore Punks, all physical copies of zines etc. The posts I make (such as this one) to my page are visible to everyone irrespective of when they joined and yes, that means newer Patrons technically have access to almost all of the chapters I wrote for each zine without having the finished zine itself. However, the entire back catalogue of digital and physical content isn't freely accessible, and there are a couple of reasons for this.

I want to be mindful to honour and respect those who have supported me on an ongoing basis by not making that which they funded directly available to everyone else for free. I also don't want to set a precedent where individuals can wait until the 12th month, pledge once and get a year's worth of work. 

Until I realised my own error in providing the link to downloadable content (e.g. completed zines) in posts such as this one, I had individuals sign up to be a Cyber Punk, download all of the content and then cancel their pledge. For $1 they obtained 100s of hours of my work and to say that it broke me a little is something of an understatement. Was it fair to me? Absolutely not. Was it fair to my regular Patrons? Also, no. 

Quite apart from this, the quarterly packages for Post and Hardcore Punk patrons are already brimming with zines and other items that they directly helped fund. if I were to include physical copies of zines not directly funded by each individual it would ultimately make them cost ineffective. 

On the subject of which, I am going to be changing the Patron tiers. Those who have pledged at the current tiers can keep them but I will be closing them to new Patrons. The cost of mailing zines is far higher than I could have anticipated - Deutsche Post increased prices again on July 1st - and the Post Punk tier is unsustainable. I will be honouring everyone who pledged at this amount so you don't need to worry about being forced to pay more! I'll also be offering the option to receive physical mail on a monthly basis which will hopefully make things simpler for everyone. 

I hope that all of the above makes sense, and if it doesn't that you feel able to let me know. I do believe strongly in radical transparency, and I hope that I have clarified any- and everything that wasn't previously clear! Also, if you have any ideas, requests or suggestions of what to include as perks in each Patron tier this is an opportune moment to let me know!