Pin Safety and Care

Pin Safety

Please remember that pins are sharp! They are designed to pierce most materials and can therefore hurt you if not used carefully.

Pin Care

Neither butterfly clasps nor rubber clutches are as secure as locking pin backs, however rubber clutches seem to be the preferred option. All enamel pins can therefore be purchased with either a rubber clutch or locking back. For more information on these see here.

It is recommended that you do not attach pins to bags, backpacks or similar items due to the regularity with which they make contact with other surfaces. If a pin becomes snagged on something else it is liable to be pulled off. The best places to attach pins are on the lapels of coats, jackets and shirts, as well as the front of hoodys, sweaters and other tops. 

I can not be held responsible for lost pins due to carelessness or misuse.

Pin Quality

Due to the intricate nature of enamel pins, each one is made by hand. As a result, and due to the very nature of hand made goods, it's unrealistic (and near impossible) to expect them all to be completely identical and 'picture perfect' as if made by machine. I check each pin several times before labeling it perfect or imperfect, and only sell those that I deem to be perfect (including pins with acceptable variations) at full retail value.