Processing Time, Pre-Orders and Shipping

I Haven't Received A Shipping Notification

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic orders will be shipped once per week. Which day this is exactly is subject to change but will always be displayed at the very top of the homepage.  If you don't receive a shipping confirmation for a couple of days please don't fret - your order will always be sent as soon as possible and if there is an unexpected delay I will be sure to inform you.  Of course, if you purchased something that was a pre-order it will not ship until the date specified in the listing*. 

Remember that working days do not include weekends or holidays, and national holidays do not always coincide with each other internationally.

If more than 7 working days have passed, and you have already checked your email account's spam folder, please email me at  Don't forget to quote your order number, as found in your order confirmation email, so I can access the relevant information as quickly as possible.

* If you purchase several items together with a pre-order item they will all ship together; orders can not be split and sent separately.  If you want something that is currently in stock sooner you'll need to place separate orders.

How Do I Know When a Pre-Order Is In Stock?

As soon as items arrive that individuals have pre-ordered I will post this information on Instagram.  Unless there is a problem of some sort I don't email customers individually to inform them of the arrival as my focus is always on processing, packing and shipping items as quickly as possible.

If you didn't pre-order an item but are waiting to see if remaining stock will be added to the website you can follow updates on Instagram.  In general, if you want to be kept up to date on restocks, new releases and special offers please sign up to the mailing list, details of which can be found at the bottom of the homepage.


Orders placed separately cannot be combined at a later date for a reduced shipping cost. 

All orders are shipped using Deutsche Post, unless otherwise stated. 

Please note that I am not responsible for mail lost or damaged at the hands of the postal service. If tracked shipping is not selected neither of us have the opportunity to locate a mislaid or delayed order, nor file a complaint with the relevant mail carrier.  Further, as a small business owner I do not have the financial means to replace or refund such orders.  If you want the peace of mind that comes with tracking, you must select it at checkout. This is a premium service offered by Deutsche Post, the cost of which is a flat rate for all international mail.

*** Due to the health risks associated I believe that most mail carriers will NOT require a signature on delivery (if sent with tracking) but it is at the discretion of your local mail carrier as to whether or not they abide by this. If a delivery is attempted and you are not at home please contact your local post office - I have zero control over international delivery and no insight as to how each mail carrier operates. ***

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