Processing Time, Pre-Orders and Shipping

I Haven't Received A Shipping Notification

Due to the fact this business is run by one person order processing and shipping can take up to 3 working days.  If you don't receive a shipping confirmation for a couple of days please don't fret - your order will always be sent as soon as possible and if there is an unexpected delay (longer than 3 working days) I will be sure to inform you.  Of course, if you purchased something that was a pre-order it will not ship until the date specified in the listing*. 

Remember that working days do not include weekends or holidays, and national holidays do not always coincide with each other internationally.

If more than 3 working days have passed, and you have already checked your email account's spam folder, please email me at  Don't forget to quote your order number, as found in your order confirmation email, so I can access the relevant information as quickly as possible.

* If you purchase several items together with a pre-order item they will all ship together; orders can not be split and sent separately.  If you want something that is currently in stock sooner you'll need to place separate orders.

How Do I Know When a Pre-Order Is In Stock?

As soon as items arrive that individuals have pre-ordered I will post this information on Instagram.  Unless there is a problem of some sort I don't email customers individually to inform them of the arrival as my focus is always on processing, packing and shipping items as quickly as possible.

If you didn't pre-order an item but are waiting to see if remaining stock will be added to the website you can follow updates on Instagram.  If you want to be continuously kept up to date on restocks, new releases and special offers please sign up to the mailing list, details of which can be found at the bottom of the homepage.


Orders placed separately cannot be combined at a later date for a reduced shipping cost.

Update: on January 1st, 2019, Deutsche Post restructured the postal system for commercial goods.  It's now no longer possible to use the regular mail system to ship commercial items, even small goods such as patches and pins, internationally.  Further, a separation has been made between items sent outside of Germany but still within the EU vs. non-EU - a distinction that wasn't made before.

The changes come with increased costs, both for economy shipping and packages sent with tracking, and whilst the cost increase isn't substantial for the online postage it does cost me more (in time and shipping resources) to send items.  I have tried to keep the overall increase to you, the customer, to the minimum and hope that I will be able to maintain this on an ongoing basis.