If you selected tracking at checkout* you will receive a 13 character tracking number in your shipping confirmation email, ending with 'DE'. 

You can access up-to-date information by following the link provided in either your order confirmation or shipping confirmation email to your Order Summary page.  Along with details of what you ordered and the address to which your order will be shipped, there will be a live tracking link. 

*There are some regions in the world where I only send orders with tracking.  If you live in one of these regions you will be unable to select the economy shipping options.

My Tracking Number Isn't Working

On occasions Shopify incorrectly assumes that this number corresponds to TNT consignment - the mind boggles! - so when you want to check its status you may therefore be taken to a tracking page on the wrong site. If this happens please follow this link to the Deutsche Post tracking page.

If Shopify directs you to the right site you may still appear to land on an error page displaying the words "Abfrage fehlgeschlagen: Bitte geben Sie ein Einlieferungsdatum an" or something similar. This is because most e-commerce sites simply are unable to offer perfect synchronisation with Deutsche Post and you will therefore need to enter a couple of details for yourself. Unfortunately I am yet to find a way around this for customers based in other countries but I am continually looking for ways to improve the user experience so will continue my search, even if it is in vain!

Your tracking number ("Sendungsnummer") will hopefully have already been entered under "Geben Sie hier Ihre Sendungsnummer an" but if it hasn't this is where you should input the 13 character tracking number. Underneath, where it says "Geben Sie hier das Versanddatum ein" you should enter the date as per the shipping confirmation - i.e. if your shipping confirmation states that the order was sent on April 13th, 2017 you will need to enter 13 - APRIL - 2017. In Germany dates are always entered DAY - MONTH - YEAR.

My Tracking Status isn't Updating

It generally takes 24 hours for the status to update irrespective of the mail carrier. Note that whilst some international mail carriers provide Deutsche Post with tracking information from the destination country this is not always the case. Of course, when they are provided, the details will always be displayed online as soon as they are made available; but in instances when no information is provided by the respective international mail carrier you may find nothing is displayed beyond the package having been scanned at the Deutsche Post international logistics center in Frankfurt.

There is good news however, as some international mail companies offer the possibility to retrieve the tracking status on their own website once the package has been scanned in the destination country. You can therefore use the same 13 character tracking number as provided by me to locate your package through their system. You can find out more information about this on the respective website for your national mail carrier.

Help! Everything is in German!

Naturally the Deutsche Post site is almost entirely in German and offers little translation into other languages. Unless you speak German you will need to use a translation tool such as Google Translate to determine what it says.