In April of this year, with the closure of my shop (albeit hopefully temporarily), I made the decision to change how I operate - for over three years this shop was my sole source of income, without which I've had to allocate my time towards other work.

For the most part have focused on establishing a Patreon page in a bid to build a community of like-minded individuals with whom I can have a more direct and mutually beneficial relationship. It's been an interesting experience to date, not least of all because I seem to have shifted almost all content creation to writing zines; and while my goal is still to grow my Patreon community - reliable recurring income is the aim of the game - I've decided to make my zines available elsewhere too. 

I've written five full size zines already, covering a range of topics:

Boundaries & Consent;
Running a Business While Chronically Ill (#1 Mental Health); 
Tips for Self-Employed Spoonies; and
Intersectional Witchcraft 101
Gender & Sexuality

and during International Zine Month (July) I created 11 mini zines (something I may continue in future months!):

Summer Spellwork;
Resistance Is Futile #1 - Chocolate;
Downtown - How to Cheer Someone Up;
Towards a Pro-Consent Revolution; 
Mixing Magick Into the Mundane #1 - Herbs;
How to Approach a Street Cat;
Crisis (How to Cope);
DIY Personal Crisis Plan (How to Create One);
Recovery Affirmations;
Spoon Theory (What It Is); and
Pay What You Can (An Alternative Price Structure)

In the absence of my main online store it's a little trickier to sell and distribute the zines outside of Patreon, but I think I've found a suitable interim solution by using my Ko-Fi page.

I'll only be distributing the zines in digital format right now on a pay-what-you-can basis, and Ko-Fi can facilitate this. The website enables one-off (and recurring) donations to be made to creators, which you can do for the zine(s) of your choosing. Plus if you want to support what I do without receiving a zine that's possible too!

There is a minimum donation per zine, above which you're welcome to pay whatever you can. The suggested donation is:

$1 - 3 for each one-page zine, and $3 - 10 for each full-size zine
i.e. the minimum donation is $1 and $3 for each type of zine (respectively) but to pay anything within the range is fair. I believe my zines to be of high value, although I know not everyone can afford a high price point (hence the range).

IMPORTANT: when you make the payment via Ko-Fi please list the zine(s) you'd like in the 'message' section along with your email address! I will then email you access to the zine(s) - this will be completed manually within 24 hours. There is a 'private message' option on Ko-Fi if you don't want to make your email address public.

If you'd like to gain access to all future content you can sign up to become a Patron. Support starts at $1 per month and you can find more information here (internal link) and here (external link).