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All Black Everything Heart Embroidered Patch [Grey Text]


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OK here's the deal: you have probably seen this design for sale in (at least) half a dozen shops all over the world wide web... but this patch? This exact one that I am selling? It's the original.

I came up with the black love heart design back in June 2016 as an ode to my own code: a l l   b l a c k   e v e r y t h i n g. I had designed and released half a dozen enamel pins that I loved a lot (and still do) but ALL of them were colourful. I remarked about this on Instagram and that's when the idea was born: a black heart featuring the words "all black everything" at the center. I released the enamel pin first and then the patch, both of which became firm favourites with existing and new customers alike; and if you too love black or know someone who does please purchase the original patch from me! 

The 'All Black Everything' patch is available with the text in either grey (pictured) OR black embroidery thread and since it's last restock there is also the option of either:

- no backing (denoted as "sew on" in the drop down menu), for those who want to sew it on to their chosen garment or accessory, or
- the original adhesive (denoted as "iron on"), enabling it to be ironed on.

It measures 3" (approx 7.5cm) at its widest point and is trimmed with a black merrow border.

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