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Burning the Candle at Both Ends Embroidered Patch


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Wake up at the crack of dawn. Hell, wake up before dawn. Work all day. Work all night. Forget to drink water, eat, sit down, sleep and sometimes even breathe. Stay up late. Fall asleep on your feet. Repeat.

Yup, if you're anything like me then you burn the candle at both ends. What will we do when the flames reach the middle and there is no more candle or wick remaining? Who knows. Let's just wait and find out...

This patch is available only as an iron on patch with an adhesive backing - this enables it to be ironed on easily, although it can also be sewn on.


Technical Bits and Pieces:

Processing Time: 1-3 business days
Shipping Cost: patches ship for a flat rate of 1,50€ within Germany and 4,00€ elsewhere without tracking - if you want tracking you must select the respective option at checkout
Shipped From: Germany
Shipping Time: varies from country to country*
Postal Service: Deutsche Post

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