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Apothecary Enamel Pin Set (Pin Series #1)


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The first apothecary pin series will include four hard enamel pins: rosemary, lavender, thyme and mint.

These pins are perfect for those who want to perform spells on the move; are seeking amplification of, or balance from, the correspondences associated with each herb; or simply want to adorn accessories and clothing with these beautiful pins. This set contains all four designs - one of each - and while stocks last will come with the corresponding oracle card in addition to the standard backing card (so as not to pierce the oracle card). 

Note that there is the option to add locking backs (6 in total, enough for each pin) to keep your pins extra secure! If you do purchase these I strongly advise reading the section on how to use them so as to avoid breaking the back off the pins. Additional locking backs can be purchased here :)


Technical Bits and Pieces:

Processing Time: 1-3 business days
Shipping Cost: enamel pins ship for a flat rate of 1,50€ within Germany and 4,00€ elsewhere without tracking - if you want tracking you must select the respective option at checkout
Shipped From: Germany
Shipping Time: varies from country to country*
Postal Service: Deutsche Post

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