Apothecary Pin Set [Pin Series 1]

€30.00 €27.80

The first apothecary pin series will include four hard enamel pins: rosemary, lavender, thyme and mint.

These pins are perfect for those who want to perform spells on the move; are seeking amplification of, or balance from, the correspondences associated with each herb; or simply want to adorn accessories and clothing with these beautiful pins. This set contains all four designs - one of each - and is sent in a small black pouch (measuring c. 3.5" x 5") which can be used to store the pins, crystals, or any other witchy wares.


1. There is the option to add locking backs (6 in total - enough for each pin). If you do purchase these please read the section on how to use them so as to avoid breaking the back off the pins.  The locking backs are in addition to the black rubber clutches that the pins are sent with as standard.

2. This listing is for a PRE-ORDER which will stay open until production is complete (currently estimated to be week beginning December 3rd). During the pre-order period the pins are available with a saving of 15%.  Once officially released they will revert to the usual retail price. Please note that this offer is not valid in combination with other coupons.

3. If other items are purchased as part of this order, they will be shipped at the same time as the pins.  Orders can not be split.  If you would like to receive other items sooner, a separate order will need to be placed.


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