Intersectional Witchcraft 101 A5 Zine


36-page DIN A5 zine printed on 100% unbleached recycled paper (with the exception of the cover) and written using font Open Dyslexic Alta.

Back in 2017, increasingly frustrated at both the direct discrimination and passive perpetuation of oppression within the witch community I designed an intersectional witchcraft pentagram that noted five areas I believed at the time to require particular attention. Almost as soon as I posted the design to Instagram I realised I'd have to write an accompanying zine; and I say “have to” because I was inundated with multiple queries on the broader topic, none of which could be answered neatly enough for social media.

This zine covers the five areas initially highlighted, i.e. the importance of being animal friendly, anti fascist, anti racist, queer positive and
trans inclusive. It is sent with a copy of the DIN A6 Privilege & Prejudice zine which offers something akin to an introduction or preface.

This zine was written and published with the support of my Punk Patrons in June 2019. For more information on becoming a Patron go to my page here.


Gender & Sexuality

Boundaries & Consent

Beyond Anthropocentric Feminism

A Brief Introduction to Security Culture

A Brief Introduction to (Anti) Fascism

How to "Be" Antifascist


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Zine Dimensions:

A5: 148mm x 210mm

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