Lucky Dip aka. Punk Pot Luck


It's back and with more options! Please read all the information below and be careful when selecting from the drop-down menus.

Option 1: this is the standard lucky dip, containing at least one patch and one pin, the total value of which is no less than 20€.

Option 2: contains the above (at least one patch and one pin) plus the addition of a (sling or tote) bag, the total value of which is no less than 38€.

Option 3: again contains option 1 (at least one patch and one pin) plus the addition of a shirt, the total value of which is no less than 48€.

Option 4: this is the mega bundle which contains at least one item from every category, the total value of which is no less than 66€. 

Please note that for options 3 and 4 you will need to select a size. I have included the measurements chart to aid the selection - please check it! 

Please note also that each lucky dip

- contains only perfect items and not seconds,
- is pre-packed, so individual items can not be requested for inclusion*
- is packaged in a pouch and comes with a blank gift tag, making it the perfect gift for yourself or someone else!
- might contain additional items such as banners, buttons, charms, postcards or stickers, but that the value is made up from the primary products (i.e. 20€ worth of patches and pins, potentially supplemented with other items)

*  The drastic discount is made possible by the very fact you don't know what you're getting and the items are bundled! If you would like to receive a specific item please purchase it individually.


All orders are shipped using Deutsche Post and therefore, unless also based in Germany, your order will be classified as international mail. Note that if you want your order sent with tracking and insurance you must select the tracked shipping option at checkout - economy mail does not come as standard with either - although all international orders that include apparel or totes are sent only with tracking

For information on anything, from what payments are accepted to how to take care of your patches and pins, please consult the relevant page(s) as found in the FAQ section of the main menu.