[Seconds] Not Dead Yet [Gold]


Before the release of any new pin (or batch thereof) I conduct a rigorous quality control assessment of every. single. one. On occasions I find a pin that is less than perfect and that is when it will end up in this listing. 

There are two classifications of imperfect pins: B grade and C grade.

B grade pins have very minor superficial imperfections that aren't immediately noticeable including (but not limited to)

- minuscule bubbles in the enamel
- minor scratches in the metal
- slightly uneven coverage of enamel or epoxy

C grade pins have noticeable, even if minor, imperfections including (but not limited to)

- uneven coverage of enamel or epoxy
- enamel on the metal
- missing enamel
- uneven form, i.e. where the pin wasn't perfectly formed from the original mold

Whether B or C grade, all pins are still wearable.

The pin measures 1.25" in height, features a "Pretty In Punk" back stamp and comes with two black rubber clutches as standard. The two posts stop it spinning on your clothing, but if you want to ensure the pin doesn't come off I strongly recommend purchasing locking backs separately here. If you do purchase these please read the section on how to use them so as to avoid breaking the back off the pin.


Enamel pins ship for a flat rate of 1,50€ within Germany and 4,00€ elsewhere without tracking. If you want tracking you must select the respective option at checkout.

For information on anything else, from what payments are accepted to how to take care of your patches and pins, please consult the relevant page(s) as found in the FAQ section of the main menu.